5 More TV Shows That Deserve an HD Re-Release


5 More TV Shows That Deserve an HD Re-Release

It seems unfair that the “greatest show ever” The Wire is getting an HD release from HBO. Wasn’t tremendous critical acclaim and commercial success enough? I think it’s time we give some of the “not so greatest” shows ever a second chance to make an impact and since we can’t exactly go back and rewrite, re-shoot or completely re-conceptualize any of the following series, the HD Bump will have to do the trick.  Continue reading


5 Reasons The Bachelorette is Terrible and We Still Watch

Andi Dorfman Bachelorette PosterBut we know what you’re thinking – only 5 reasons? There’s a LOT more than that! Yes, we know, but ain’t nobody got time for that – it would be longer than all of Juan Pablo’s “ees ok’s” on record.

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Dancing With the Stars Semi-Final – The Night of the Perfect 40’s!

Dancing with the stars judges photo

The theme for Semi-Finals was American Icons, so before the couples’ performances we got to meet the stars’ own inspirational “icons.” We highly doubt most of them were really their icons, but ABC got a bunch of semi-famous people to show up (or in Oprah’s case, call on the phone – the Queen cannot be bothered to come in person!) so what the heck. So there was that, but mostly there was a whole lot of dancing!

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Finale Fever: Don’t Miss Your Favorite

Finale Artwork

It’s that time of the year where we bid farewell to our favorite shows. Don’t miss the epic cliff hangers that will have your entire social life buzzing! Continue reading

Dancing with the Stars Week 7 – The Week of Injuries and Shirtlessness

Dancing With The Stars Season 18 Cast Photo

This week almost everyone seemed to sustain some kind of injury and every male dancer was shirtless, though we’re not complaining about the latter. The theme for the week was Latin Dance and Ricky Martin was the guest judge, making for a hot and steamy night.

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TV in 2014: 5 Midseason Premieres You Don’t Wanna Miss

1. The Bachelor

Juanuary is upon us. Fan favorite from “The Bachelorette” Juan Pablo will be our next Bachelor, and ABC is certainly playing up with whole “Sexy Latin Soccer Dad” angle in their promos. Continue reading