Teen Wolf: A Promise to the Dead – Nightmare Inducing Edition!


Teen Wolf promo

I seriously hope you weren’t eating during this episode of Teen Wolf because there were some pretty gnarly things going on, even by Teen Wolf standards.

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What Went Down on Teen Wolf Last Night?


Teen Wolf S4 Cast

Stiles melted our freaking hearts, and dubstep music is very, very bad, mmkay?

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Life Lessons from the Duck Dynasty Finale (Raccoon Freak Out Edition)


Life Lessons from the Duck Dynasty Finale (Raccoon Freak Out Edition)

The season finale of Duck Dynasty had the gang celebrating Willie’s birthday with jet skiing, raccoon hunting and some backwoods life lessons we’ll never ever forget.  Continue reading

Finding Carter – Adorable Moments Edition

Finding Carter poster

Oh Finding Carter, you just keep getting better and better. And last night’s episode was no exception – so many things were felt, most of which were absolutely adorable.

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The Bachelorette Finale: Twitter’s Best Reactions

Nick vs Josh Bachelorette

It was the most dramatic season finale EVER, according to Chris Harrison. Did Andi pick simpleton-failed-jock-scary-eyebrows Josh or scarf-wearing-creepy-stare-stalker Nick? Read ahead to find out and see the funniest tweets of the finale.

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What Went Down on Finding Carter Last Night

Finding Carter poster typing laptop

Creepy paintings, extramarital affairs, and catfights. In other words, oh so much!

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The Top 5 Hottest Man Action from Last Night’s Teen Wolf


This isn’t the first time Teen Wolf gave us a ton of eye candy, but last night’s episode was just overflowing with manly testosterone. Mostly Liam’s.

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