The Bachelorette Finale: Twitter’s Best Reactions

Nick vs Josh Bachelorette

It was the most dramatic season finale EVER, according to Chris Harrison. Did Andi pick simpleton-failed-jock-scary-eyebrows Josh or scarf-wearing-creepy-stare-stalker Nick? Read ahead to find out and see the funniest tweets of the finale.

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Crazy Tweets from Last Night’s Crazy “Real Housewives”

RHONY TV Unfiltered

You can thank RHONY’s loyal (and disturbing) fan base for today’s twitter recap of the clusterf@#! that was Carole’s “50th” birthday party. Continue reading

Things Happened on Teen Wolf and Twitter Couldn’t Handle Most of Them


Last night’s Teen Wolf was probably the most exciting and action-packed of the season, and at times it was just too much to handle.

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Best Catfish Moments of Season 3

Catfish Logo 4

Catfish may be over, but we still have the hilarious, awkward, and just plain embarrassing memories to look back on from this season.

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The Funniest Catfish Tweets: Unnecessary Celebrity Co-Host Edition

Catfish TV show logo

It’s safe to say that everyone had fairly high expectations for the Catfish finale. Apparently some executive somewhere thinks that the show needs to start endorsing celebrities to get them more work, and that’s exactly what happened on last night’s extremely annoying episode.

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The Bachelorette Home Towns: The Funniest Tweets

The Bachelorette promo

Do your best not to be distracted by this terribly photoshopped promo poster of Andi. This week Andi got to meet the guys’ families, and it was just as awkward as you would expect.

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The Best Catfish Tweets: Real Feels Edition

Catfish definition logo

A lack of self-confidence has always been a major part of the Catfish world, but last night’s episode made that even more evident than ever. At least there were mentions of “Richard pics” to brighten up the episode though. Fellas, will you ever learn?

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