Life Lessons from the Duck Dynasty Finale (Raccoon Freak Out Edition)


Life Lessons from the Duck Dynasty Finale (Raccoon Freak Out Edition)

The season finale of Duck Dynasty had the gang celebrating Willie’s birthday with jet skiing, raccoon hunting and some backwoods life lessons we’ll never ever forget.  Continue reading


Duck Dynasty Life Lessons: Beaver Safety Edition


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No not THAT kind of beaver. Duck Dynasty Recap/Beaver Education is just a click away! Continue reading

5 Things We Learned From Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Poster Promo

Pretty Little Liars is always teaching us things… but mostly it just teaches us what not to do.

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Master Chef: Long Story Short


We get it. It’s Tuesday, you’re on your third coffee break, and you’re trying to decide if you want Cheez-Its or that Strawberry Poptart that’s been sitting in the vending machine for two weeks yet suddenly seems appetizing. Then it hits you like a wrecking ball: What the hell happened on Master Chef last night? Spoiler Alert: Ahran is, surprisingly, not pronounced “Iran.”

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5 Things We Learned on ‘Duck Dynasty’ Last Night

The Robertson Boys of Duck Dynasty, TV Unfiltered

Let’s just say Miss Kay is quite the catch. And has an eye for funeral plots. Continue reading

5 More Things I Learned from Teen Wolf Last Night

Teen Wolf S4 CastThis week’s episode of Teen Wolf taught us how to get out of answering hard questions in class and that deep v-necks take the gravity out of any situation.

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