10 Inevitable Back-to-School Feels


Drake first day of school meme

The fun in the sun of summer may be over, but starting school again isn’t ALL that bad. In order to mentally prepare, we’ve put together some of the emotional states involved with this special time as told by our favorite TV gifs and stills.

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Goodbye to a Legend: 10 Amazing Robin Williams Scenes


Breaking News on TV Unfiltered

Despite comedian and legend Robin Williams’ tragic passing on Monday, he will always be remembered as an inspiring and uniquely talented performer. To celebrate the life of the iconic actor here are 10 clips to showcase his amazing abilities in some of his most famous films.

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The Best Catfish Tweets: Real Feels Edition

Catfish definition logo

A lack of self-confidence has always been a major part of the Catfish world, but last night’s episode made that even more evident than ever. At least there were mentions of “Richard pics” to brighten up the episode though. Fellas, will you ever learn?

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Some Real Feels from “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”


People watch “Honey Boo Boo” not just for the endless expanse of warbling double chins—there’s some real ass s!@# that the Thompsons are dealing with bubbling below the surface. Continue reading