Finding Carter: Love Story – The Internet Has a Mental Breakdown Edition!

Finding Carter Poster promo

This episode gave the internet panic attacks, anxiety attacks, mental breakdowns, just ALL the feelings. Proceed with caution.

So Carter ran off with Crash, and even after she found out that she herself wasn’t considered a criminal anymore because Bird’s mom dropped the charges against her, she still stuck with Crash because HE was now in trouble with the law. Clearly no good could come from this – to brighten things up before your world gets shattered, here is Grant being his usual cute and super adorable self.

Carter and Grant Finding CarterCarter and Grant Finding Carter armadillo elephant

That’s basically as far as the happy times go for this episode. Carter figured that the one person they could be safe with was Lori. She thought that if they went to Max, he could give Lori a message from Carter, so they could meet up at some point. We can check off yet another stupid and terrible decision off of Carter’s list. To add to it all, Crash decided to get a gun, being a CRIMINAL and all, and (here is when we check off 50 million WORST DECISIONS EVER on our list) he decided to pretend to rob the store Max works at for no apparent reason and all other than.. he is Crash. AND THEN THIS HAPPENED:

Finding Carter Crash shoots Max gifFinding Carter Crash Max shootFinding Carter Max gets shot gifFinding Carter Max gets shot gif

And we were all confused, shocked, and devastated.

Finding Carter tweet

Everyone loves Max, but no one loves Max like Taylor does. She took all of her anger out on Carter at the hospital, and it just wasn’t pretty. Finding Carter Taylor fight gifFinding Carter Taylor Carter fight Max

The actor who plays Crash tried to make us all feel better about this mess by posting this on Twitter…

Finding  Carter Caleb Max tweet sorryFinding Carter Caleb Bruminer sorry tweet photo

But it just wasn’t enough, Caleb. To make things even worse, the episode ended on a cliffhanger and we don’t know whether Max will die or not. For the next week, we will all quietly suffer our slow and debilitating anxiety attacks and inevitable mental breakdowns. Amy Poehler Parks and Rec Everything hurts gif

We all might as well call in sick for the next week, really.

Do you think Max will live? Are you praying each and every second of the day that he does? Make sure to check out our app TV Stars where you can guess what will happen next on Finding Carter and all your other favorite shows. You can download it right here:Download TV Stars for iOS Download TV Stars for Android




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