Teen Wolf: A Promise to the Dead – Nightmare Inducing Edition!

Teen Wolf promo

I seriously hope you weren’t eating during this episode of Teen Wolf because there were some pretty gnarly things going on, even by Teen Wolf standards.

First of all let’s just point out that the veterinarian, Alan Deaton, has suddenly taken up the occupation of badass superhero as he saved this chick from being eaten by this terrifying monster man.

veterinarian Teen Wolf fight gifAlan Deaton Teen Wolf fight gifVeterinarian Teen Wolf gifAlan Deaton Veterinarian Teen Wolf lol

Deputy Parrish also made a comeback by rescuing Chris Argent, since he was stabbed in the stomach with some steel by Peter, which was just so awful and made everyone have a mental breakdown. Let’s all hope he’ll be okay!

Deputy Parrish Teen Wolf

Meanwhile, Scott and Kira had a date at Derek’s place where they magically made all the lightbulbs light up and that was strange¬†but sort of cute.. and then Kate had to come in and ruin the moment by breaking all the windows and attempting to kill them. Could she be any more rude?

Kira and Scott Teen WolfScott and Kira Teen Wolf dateScott and Kira Derek's apartment date

Seriously, this episode was terrifying and pretty disgusting. That guy from the beginning will haunt your nightmares forever, and that eyeball was just… so unnecessary. When I first watched it I thought the camera was zooming into the guy’s skull and there was no brain there, and suddenly an eye popped open. Just. No thank you.

Teen Wolf scary gif Teen Wolf eyeball gif

Kate went beyond rude when she kidnapped poor Kira and Scott and took them to freaking Mexico again! She will make Scott look like a berserker next week so when his friends come rescue him, they won’t know it’s him and inevitably kill him… she is just the worst.

Kate Teen Wolf werewolf transformation

Kate Scott Teen Wolf berserker Scott and Kira Teen Wolf berserker mask

It’s clear that the finale will definitely be filled with some terrifying and exciting Teen Wolf madness.

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