America’s Got Talent: Semifinals Round 2 Highlights


Last night, America’s Got Talents’ semifinals came to a close as the last of the remaining acts took the stage to prove how much talent they have with hopes of advancing to next week’s Top 12 and becoming one step closer to winning 1 million dollars. Here’s a look at what went down:

Mat Franco combines his devil magic with Mel B.’s iPhone to create one of the coolest magic tricks seen on America’s Got Talent.


Wendy Liebman is the only comedian left in the competition who took the time to explain the secrets to relationships. And yes, she even got a smile from Heidi.


America will keep Blue Journey around just to see what they’ll do next. The duo dive into a painting and bring it’s emotion to life in this stunning performance.


The Alabama teen with the tragic back story covered an Elton John classic. It was a great performance ruined by the claps of the audience. Just let the talented kid sing!


When you mix the Danger Zone with puppies you get Christian Stoinev’s most adorable act ever.


Emil & Dariel continue their mission to make classical music cool when they cover Paul McCartney’s “Live and Let Die.”


If Quintavious Johnson doesn’t advance to the Top 12, you can stick him inside any lounge that has patrons smoking foreign cigars while drinking century-old whiskey.


Lastly, Smoothini mystifies the judge’s panel with some every day accessories.


Did you miss the last few weeks of America’s Got Talent? Catch up here: AGT Semifinals Round 1, AGT Quarterfinals Pt. 4, AGT Quarterfinals Pt. 3.


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