MasterChef: Top 6 Creampuff Tower Challenge


This week’s forced hashtags were #MCRestaurantTakeover and #CreamPuffTower. Make what you will of that.

The top 6 chefs arrived at the Cavatina restaurant at the famous Sunset Marquis Hotel in Hollywood, CA where the next team challenge awaited them.


Leslie and Jaime were chosen to be team captains having been the winning team during last week’s Dim Sum Challenge.


At the end of the competition, the winners would be chosen by Gordon and Graham.


The chefs got a demonstration from the restaurant’s head chef Michael Schlow.They had to prepare two appetizers and two entrees for over 50 A-List guests.


What they had to make looked absolutely delicious.

MC6-8 MC6-7 MC6-6 MC6-5

Jaime was not the vocal leader Gordon wanted her to be. So she gave the Captain’s baton to Courtney… who turns out also couldn’t handle the job. This left Christian to take on the reigns.


Cutter called Leslie a “house bitch” and Leslie reminded him the only bitch he was, was “Head Bitch In Charge.”


The red team’s appetizers were prompt and ready to go while the blue team’s appetizers were categorized by a word that the Fox channel’s Standard and Practices Department had to blur and bleep out.


At the end of the night, Graham and Gordon decided that Leslie’s Red team were the winners of the #MCRestaurantTakeover challenge.


For the dreaded Pressure Test, Christian, Jaime, and Courtney not only had to make one cream puff, but a cream puff tower known more prominently as, Croquembouche.


Despite crying and failing during the team challenge, Jaime bounced backed during the Pressure Test and she admitted to Gordon Ramsay that she has made Croquembouche several times before. This win should be in the bag for her.


Christian has never made the pastries before and struggled through the challenge but wanted to show his son that he could accomplish anything if he worked hard.


And for the first time this season, Courtney doubted herself in her culinary capabilities.


Finally, it was taste time.


Visually, Gordon said Courtney had the presentation and was the only one who successfully spun her sugar around the tower. Graham called her cream top notch.

Visually, Christian’s tower looked like it was slammed against a wall. Graham and Gordon agreed that his rolls, however, were fantastic.

Jaime did not have any spun sugar around her tower. She used it all when trying to glue together the rolls. Gordon asked her to take one roll off lightly and she couldn’t do it. Gordon said her rolls tasted nowhere near as good as they looked. Then she cried during the rest of her critique from Graham.

When the night was over, it was Jaime who turned in her apron.




Miss the last few episodes of MasterChef? Catch up here: Top 7, Top 8, Top 10.


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