Finding Carter – “Do the Right Thing” Recap feat. Maxed out Maxlor Cuteness

Finding Carter poster

Before we even get into this amazing episode, let’s all celebrate the fact that Finding Carter has been picked up for a second season by MTV! And now let’s get into the adorable-ness that is Taylor and Max.

Every episode features some Maxlor cuteness, but this one was just overload. They were getting ready to uhh, “get it on” for the first time ever and Max was so concerned about having things be perfect for Taylor. Every detail from the music to the lighting was on his mind. At one point she wanted to turn a light on next to the bed, but it didn’t work because Max had picked it up on the street because he thought it looked cool. Taylor didn’t even care at that point, but Max was like, “This is your first time, you should have a lamp.” and he. went out. to buy. Taylor. a lamp. I mean, come on! Could he be any more perfect!? Taylor and Max Finding Carter Taylor and Max cute Finding CarterMax and Taylor finding Carter cuteMax and Taylor cute Finding Carter

The answer is, yes – yes he can. Nothing happened at that point because Max was just way too nervous about making her comfortable. BUT later on in the episode Max walked in on Taylor in her robe, bits of facial mask still on and all. And she was all worried about not looking perfect for him, and he didn’t care at all, and it was just the sweetest thing ever and we all fell in love with Max all over again. *swoon swoon*Max and Taylor finding carter

Alright, moving on. David is insane. He is a psycho. What made it even more frustrating was at the beginning of the episode when Elizabeth was trying to defend him to Carter and said, “He’s not a liar… He just hides things.” In what universe does hiding something not equal lying!? Anyways, thankfully Elizabeth is starting to realize how crazy he is. All you need is this screen grab of him waiting in his room to understand his level of psycho: David Finding Carter super creepy

If that’s not enough, at one point he got pissed off because Elizabeth found his manuscript for the book he’s writing about Carter… the one he wasn’t supposed to be writing the whole time because Carter asked him not to. And he was SO mad that he SMASHED poor Grant’s cookies for the bake sale! And instead of saying anything about it, Grant just threw them away in the trash can and pretended like nothing was wrong to Elizabeth. Grant at the bake sale Finding  Carter gifGrant and Elizabeth Finding Carter bake saleElizabeth Finding CarterGrant Finding Carter adorable gif

Everyone just collectively give poor, unappreciated Grant a hug right now.

In other news, Bird is also awful (and apparently her real name is Beatrix – how you get Bird out of that we may never know). She totally set Carter up and made it seem like she stole Bird’s mother’s jewelry to the police, so Carter got arrested! All because Bird’s parents are awful and don’t pay her any attention. This moment when Taylor kept it 100% real just explains it all. Taylor about Bird being jealous gifBird is jealous of Carter gif Taylor

The good news is, Bird finally came clean at the end of this whole mess. The bad news is, Crash pawned her mother’s necklace and somehow managed to bail Carter out of jail before Elizabeth could get there. This is terrible news for SO many reasons, but mostly because we all know Crash will get her in nothing but trouble. And just, poor Elizabeth – she just got Carter back!

Finding Carter Elizabeth devastated gif

Make sure to tune into next week’s episode because some really REALLY crazy sh*t will go down. Our anxiety is already off the charts.

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