America’s Got Talent: Semifinals Pt. 1 Highlights


The first round of semifinalists took the stage with hopes of advancing to the Top 12 in two weeks. Here are a few highlights from the evening you’ll want to watch again and again.

David and Leeman perform a trick we’ve seen during pretty much every season of America’s Got Talent. Still, it was fascinating to watch.


The soldier known as Paul Leti hit one out of the park yesterday. Okay maybe he swung and missed but I can’t help it if the 90’s girl inside me is screaming because of this cover.


If that last song left you feeling a little “meh,” then how about a nice chaser to wash away the sound. Mara Justine sings a song from a lady who knows all about winning talent competitions.


The Aerial Animation duo brings dreams to life with their performance. Set to the song “Best Day of My Life” by American Authors, the pair explored the dream dimension riding on unicorns and climbing past the moon.


If you’re not going to make Heidi laugh you might as well make fun of her and her entire culture, am I right Dan Naturman?


The Flight Crew Jump Rope continues to turn an ordinary elementary school time activity into something spectacular. And isn’t that what having real talent is all about?


Being labeled as a seductive songstress has got to be pretty cool. Even cooler is the amazing voice that comes with that title a la Emily West.


Miss the last few rounds of America’s Got Talent? Catch our recaps here: Quarterfinals Pt. 1, Quarterfinals Pt. 2, Quarterfinals Pt. 3, Quarterfinals Pt. 4.


2 thoughts on “America’s Got Talent: Semifinals Pt. 1 Highlights

  1. Am I right Dan Naturman? No you’re wrong. Nothing about that joke in any way made fun of Heidi or her culture. It was a comment on American’s not learning other languages. Apparently you don’t understand the joke any more than Heidi did. Not funny? That’s a matter of opinion. Offensive? Not in any way.

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