10 Inevitable Back-to-School Feels

Drake first day of school meme

The fun in the sun of summer may be over, but starting school again isn’t ALL that bad. In order to mentally prepare, we’ve put together some of the emotional states involved with this special time as told by our favorite TV gifs and stills.

1. When your teacher is making a really important announcement about a test, and the people next to you just won’t stop talking.

shut your butthole RHONJ gif

2. When you’re given an artistic project and you don’t even have the slightest artistic inclination. Working on my fashion line real housewivesbad drawing fashion line real housewives

3. When the teacher calls on you even though you didn’t raise your hand at ALL.Malia in class Teen Wolf Malia in class Teen Wolf confused

4. When you realize you came to school and forgot your super important project that your grade and life depend on. Kim Richards Real Housewives shocked gif

5. When you see another guy/girl flirting with your crush. Renee Graziano gif Mob Wives planning revenge

6.  Every time someone asks to copy your homework or “borrow” a pen that you’ll never get back.

Love and Hip Hop

7. When you have to wear your gym clothes to P.E.. Actually just P.E. Britney is uncomfortable American Idol gif

8.  When you try out a new look and it’s way more noticeable than you intended it to be.

Tina Bob's burgers awkward makeup

9. When things with your crush start looking up!Tina Bob's Burgers phone number gif

10. And best of all, when you finally get to come home at the end of your long day!Liz Lemon folding a pizza gif

What is / was the best and worst part about going back to school? Comment down below and let us know?

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