MasterChef: Top 7 Dim Sum Tag-Team Challenge


MasterChef started off with some very perceptive comments made by Courtney: “When we walk into the kitchen it feels bigger because there are so few of us.” So, already, you know it’s going to be a good episode.

Before the chefs got to the Mystery Box Challenge, they were surprised with letters from their loved ones. It was an emotional moment from an otherwise fiery show.

MC7-3 MC7-2 MC7-1

Then mystery ingredient was revealed: SO. MANY. APPLES.


Apple pies. Apple cookies. Apples dipped in caramel or chocolate. The opportunities were endless. But then came the twist: No dessert allowed. Womp. Womp.

Who knew Leslie had jokes? He managed to corner Gordon Ramsay into a “That’s what she said” joke.


Taste time. The judges went around the room and selected three chefs they felt cooked the best dish using apples.

Christian made an Apple Stuffed Pork Chop, or as Courtney called it, “A big piece of meat.” Gordon Ramsay said the pork was “delicious.”



Leslie made a Apple Stuffed Pork Loin. Graham said it was “perfectly seasoned.”



The last dish they tasted was Courtney’s. She also made an Apple Stuffed Pork Loin. Joe called it a “smart dish” using all aspects of the apples.



Courtney won the Mystery Box Challenge and was put in control of the Elimination Challenge.

MC7-12 It was the DIM SUM CHALLENGE.


Dim Sum is a lot to cook so luckily, the chefs did not have to cook alone. Unluckily, Courtney got to choose who paired up with who. Then, Gordon Ramsay announced the last twist: The chefs would not be cooking together at the same time; it would be a tag team challenge.


Leslie and Jaime had the worst communication throughout the competition. Much yelling.


Cutter had no idea how to cook Dim Sum so he just did what Elizabeth said. Smart tactic… I think.


Big Willie and Christian were like two brothers who were forced to work together because their parents said so. In this scenario, Gordon Ramsay is the parent who just gave up.


Leslie and Jaime presented first. Gordon said the tray would have been near perfect had they worked together. Despite their roller coaster of differences, they pulled it together with the best dish of the night!


Big Willie and Christian were next. Their presentation was complete garbage. Based of their performance, Gordon Ramsay said that they did not deserve to be in the competition.


Gordon Ramsay also said that Cutter’s and Elizabeth’s dish looked “horrendous.” And in his British accent, it made it sound a lot worse than it already did. Joe didn’t even want to eat any of their dish.


Ultimately, Big Willie’s journey in the MasterChef kitchen ended. Even though he had a heart as big as Texas, Gordon Ramsay did not feel the love.



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