Goodbye to a Legend: 10 Amazing Robin Williams Scenes

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Despite comedian and legend Robin Williams’ tragic passing on Monday, he will always be remembered as an inspiring and uniquely talented performer. To celebrate the life of the iconic actor here are 10 clips to showcase his amazing abilities in some of his most famous films.

Good Morning Vietnam: First Broadcast
Based loosely on the experiences of AFRS Adrian Cronauer, Robin Williams plays a radio host in Vietnam who is extremely popular with the troops but infuriating to his superiors. Williams also improvised most of his on-air performances in the film!

Aladdin: Friend Like Me
Robin Williams of course plays Genie in the Disney classic and proves he can steal the show even in an animated feature. Word is that the Genie’s scenes were reanimated to include all of the crazy improvising he did in the recording booth.

Patch Adams
Although a critical flop, the film was a box office success which is a testament to Robin Williams’ skill as both a physical performer and an actor who can be the endearing heart of an emotionally powerful story.

Good Will Hunting
When you search “Robin Williams monologue” this is usually the film that comes up. The quintessential film for demonstrating his chops as a serious dramatic actor.

Mrs. Doubtfire
Do we really need to explain this one? Robin Williams dresses as a woman to see his kids. Hilarity ensues.

Dead Poet’s Society
One of those rare inspirational films about a teacher (played by Williams) who teaches English instead of dancing.

Christopher Nolan’s 2002 crime thriller tells the story of two LA detectives (played by Al Pacino and Robin Williams) investigating a murder in Alaska. Williams gives a complex and tortured performance in this hard-to-stomach but provoking film and I daresay he tops even Pacino in this outing.

The Birdcage
Everything about the Mike Nichols-helmed feature is hilarious, even the premise: a gay cabaret owner and drag queen companion agree to “play it straight” to help their son win the approval of his fiance’s right wing parents. Robin Williams, Nathan Lane, Gene Hackman, Dianne Wiest and Hank Azaria.

Despite the film’s flaws, Robin Williams is still the best part of Steven Spielberg’s re-imagining/sequel to the fairy tale classic. Who else could play a grown-up Peter Pan?

Death to Smoochy
Danny Devito’s underrated black comedy at the very least allowed Robin Williams to go absolutely crazy as Rainbow f@#$ing Ralph.

Bonus: Stand-up

Goodbye, Robin. You made us laugh, cry and filled us with nostalgic wonder (often during the same film!) We will miss you.

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