Americas Got Talent: Quarterfinals pt. 2 Highlights


Last night, more acts put their best foot forward as well as their not so best foot to impress 3 non-Americans and Howard Stern. Here is the best of what went down… and also something that will leave you wondering WTF?!!

With a name like Loop Rawlins and chiseled good looks, who couldn’t fall in love with this wild west showman? He’s an all-American guy with dreams to make the floor burn.


Mat Franco is this season’s magical heartthrob. And he loves his grandmother which gives him an automatic entry to the semifinals.


And then there comes that point in every episode where a 12 year-old from a humble upbringing proves that she already has way more talent in her prepubescent body than you do. Kudos Mara Justine.


Jaycob Curlee has the kind of back story you read about in autobiographies after the author becomes famous. Also, he has a pretty sweet voice.


Um… what?


Tune in Wednesday night to see who does — and does not — move onto the the semifinals.


4 thoughts on “Americas Got Talent: Quarterfinals pt. 2 Highlights

  1. I saw card trick last night with Matt Franco’s 10 of spades. Great trick! My problem is with 2 of Diamonds trick with Howie. I looked at video rewind of trick and it appears that Howie was in on the 2 of Diamonds part of trick. His movements include placing something on the desk before he picks up his Snapple drink and his decision to get up and walk behind judges appear to be a diversion. His reaction as he takes the 2 of Diamonds out of his back pocket also seems contrived and less than genuine. Am I the only one who noticed this?

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