America’s Got Talent: The Best of Judgement Week Pt. 1


Last night was part 1 of Judgement Week. There were acts that shined and acts that reminded us that maybe America isn’t so talented after all. Let’s take a look at some of the best.

One of the best performances of the night comes from the humble sixth grader, Quintavious Johnson. His powerful cover of Michael Jackson’s “Who’s Loving You” pretty much guaranteed him a trip to Radio City.


Don’t you hate it when you’re in your mid-twenties and some 12 year-old comes up and just blows you away with an awesome voice? Makes you wonder what you’re doing with your life. Mara Justine also landed her a spot in the live shows when she belted out Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing.”


There is little that can be said about John & Andrew, the Male Salsa dancers. Howard Stern commented that in this day and age it’s refreshing to see two guys moving bast the gender boundaries and focus on doing what they love: dancing. After their performance, they were called back onto the stage to accept their ticket to Radio City.


The comedy category was tough. Usually, they have a sounding board of a couple thousand audience members laughing at them. Last night, they had to deal with a quiet room and the scowl of Heidi Klum. However, Darik Santos proved that he wasn’t a loser and could perform well under pressure.


The best of the comedians came from Wendy Liebman, a stay-at-home mom who put her career aside to raise her kids. Her awkward and tasteful jokes were a win with most of the judges. I’ll give you one guess as to who didn’t laugh. Spoiler Alert: her name starts with Heidi and ends with Klum.


Lastly, every season needs a magical heartthrob and we were awarded one in the form of Mat Franco, the card trick painter. What he does is just astounding.


There you have it. Come back tomorrow for part 2 of the best of Judgement Week.


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