America’s Got Talent: The Great, The Terrible, and The Huh?

AGT We’re finally done viewing all the talent America has to offer this season on America’s Got Talent. Before Boot Camp arrives next week, let’s take a look at some of the highlights from last night’s episode of the final round of auditions. ________________________________________________________________________

Let’s start with “The Huh,” shall we:

The Hudson Brothers Hip-Hop Ratchet Comedy routine went over well with the fun judges on the panel. I’ll give you one guess as to which judges those are.


The performance was a great excuse for Howie Mandel to use his American Golden Bonus Buzzer (or whatever) to put Emmanuel and Phillip on through to Boot Camp. They may not need it though; turns out, they’re already Youtube Famous.

And now for the Best of “The Great”:

No, it’s not the old man piano player who sang about women with penises. We featured an old dude singing last week so this time around we’ll feature a less older dude who gets off ragging on his children and being old even though he isn’t that old.


Comedian Joe Matarese makes Dad jokes funny without the shameful embarrassment that comes along with anytime dads tell jokes.

“The Terrible” that wasn’t actually that Terrible but kinda Terrible:

There was a bird man named Joe that featured a talking parrot. He got four yeses but I’ll be honest, the dude’s act creeped me out. He aint no Eliza Thornberry or Dr. Doolittle or Dr. Doolittle’s daughter that acquired the animal-talking gift in the very much not-needed sequel. Youtube must have agreed with me because the footage is nowhere to be found.

Which brings us to Rogue. No, not the cool energy-absorbing X-Man that was totes downgraded by director Bryan Singer, but rather, a slim 35 year-old Asian man who looked like he just hit puberty.


If I wanted to watch someone shoot staples into their head, I’d watch a WWE match from the mid-90’s.

Make sure to play the predictive games in the TV Stars app before next week’s episode airs Tuesday at 8:00 PM on NBC! You can download TV Stars for Android here and for Apple here.


1 thought on “America’s Got Talent: The Great, The Terrible, and The Huh?

  1. Seriously? Joe Matarese wasnt standing ovation funny. His jokes were from his act from 7 years ago. It looked like light the applause light, noweverybody stand up… Rehearsed, his agent got his moneys worth!

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