America’s Got Talent: The Great, The Terrible, and The Huh?

AGT The variety show that launched some of the most entertaining acts on the Las Vegas strip returned for another season of theatrics, jaw-dropping performances, and a judging panel that is only 1/4 American.


The Great: The producers saved one of the most inspirational performances to bookend their premiere. 18 year-old Jaycob Curlee had a sob story to end all sob stories; long story short, he and his sister were raised by drug-addict parents and taken into foster care. However, any singing competition will tell you that a rough childhood with a happy ending not only wins America’s support, but it also gets a hug from scariest Spice Girl alive.



The Terrible: In an effort to keep things “new” and “shake things up a bit,” the producers have added a brand new Golden Buzzer. It allows one judge to save an act that the other’s want to eliminate. But let’s call it for what it really is: a chance to throw Heidi’s fat “X” back in her face. The only American on the judging panel, Howard Stern, was the first to utilize this new feature on an act that was… well… look for yourself.



The Huh?: Nick Cannon came out dressed like a mime and basically trolled everyone. The segment had it’s moments but for a two-hour premiere that dragged out it’s good performances, it was a joke we could have lived without.



America’s Got Talent returns next Tuesday at 8:00 PM on NBC.


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